(Glenolden, PA, December 20, 2022) The Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association today welcomed Craig Zeltsar, principal and co-founder of NNE Marketing, LLC, to its Board of Directors. NNE helps some of the nation’s top nonprofit organizations diversify their fundraising programs.

CMT is a progressive disorder of the peripheral nerves that causes people to lose the normal use of their feet and legs. Symptoms include: foot deformity (very high arched feet) and foot drop (inability to hold foot horizontal); a slapping gait (feet slap on the floor when walking; loss of muscle in the lower legs, leading to skinny calves; numbness in the feet; and difficulty with balance. Hands and arms may also be affected.

CMTA Board Chair Gilles Bouchard said Zeltsar “brings to the CMTA amazing nonprofit experience combined with a true passion for helping the community. ”It’s a privilege for us to welcome him into our team,” he added.

Zeltsar said, “I am honored to serve with such a distinguished group of people who are so passionate about helping people with CMT. I am eager to bring my experience working with dozens of nonprofits on their fundraising initiatives to a cause that is so personal to me and my family. I intend to bring the same perseverance to the CMTA that I bring to how I approach living with CMT, which is to not let it stop me from accomplishing anything.”

Zeltsar has 28 years of fundraising and membership experience, both on the agency and non-profit side. He is an innovator who believes strongly in marrying analytics and creativity to develop a more donor-centric, customized experience for nonprofit constituents. He proudly advocates for his clients and the industry, positioning them for long-term success and growth.

Before forming NNE Marketing, Zeltsar was vice president of client services at THD. Prior to that, he worked in the fundraising and membership services group at Epsilon and at Mail Communications Inc. He began his fundraising career as the director of operations and community relations at Community Boating, Inc., in Boston.

Zeltsar frequently speaks on industry matters and recently served as vice chair of the ANA Nonprofit Federation Advisory Council. He holds a B.S. in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Bryant College in Rhode Island.

Zeltsar and one of his two sons have CMT Type 1A and the family has been actively involved in the CMT community for many years. In his spare time, Craig likes to ski, cook, bike and stay active outdoors.

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