I wish I didn’t have CMT, but I would not be who I am without it.

I’m Karen, and I have CMT 1A. I grew up in northern West Virginia and have since lived in North Carolina, California, Arkansas, and now Arizona.
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Lia O’Sullivan: “I’m ok!”

My daughter Lia, now 7 years old, was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease at the age of 2.
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My Son Cache

My 10-year-old son Cache is charming, competitive, tenacious, funny and thoughtful. He lights up a room when he enters it and leaves a smile behind when he goes.
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Karen Brown

Karen Brown, CMTAthlete

The moment I crawled, braceless, out of the sandy-bottomed channel where I’d just completed a 200-yard open-water swim was the moment I became a triathlete.
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Cynthia Lawrence

Disney Princess and Athlete Cynthia Lawrence

In 2015, I ran the race of my life—the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I didn’t realize it then, but it may have been my last race. My ankle started bothering me when I was training …
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Anthony Zahn

Anthony Zahn, Paralympian

Anthony Zahn played soccer in kindergarten, but he wasn’t great at it. As a freshman in high school, he tried to play football, but his knees hurt so badly he had to quit. At 15, …
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James Cuizon

James Cuizon, Ironman

James Cuizon is a busy guy. Diagnosed with CMT Type X when he was 20 years old, James currently works as the executive director of a large nonprofit organization, works part-time for another non-profit and …
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Chelsea Singer

Chelsea Singer, Yoga Instructor

Growing up in Michigan, Chelsea Singer did not realize her feet were misshapen. She thought she was just growing faster than everyone else. She wasn’t diagnosed with CMT until the age of 11, when her …
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Heather Hawk Frank

Heather Hawk Frank, Cleveland, OH CMTA Branch Leader

When Heather Hawk Frank was a child, her dad noticed she wasn’t progressing like other kids.
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Jonah Berger

Jonah Berger, CMTA Advisory Board Member

How to Talk About CMT. It is one thing to travel through this life with the unstable feet and uncertain balance of CMT. It is another thing altogether to share that experience with others. In fact, …
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