CMTA Youth Program

Welcome to the CMTA Youth Program!

This is the place to get connected to other youth with CMT and to learn all about our programs!

The main goal of the CMTA Youth Program is three-fold:

  1. To connect the youth of the CMT community with one another, providing them support, encouragement, understanding and inspiration from other youth
  2. To educate, encourage, and involve CMT youth in fundraising for their cause, giving them a sense of empowerment-being part of the change, not just waiting for it
  3. To give the youth of the CMT community a voice—a chance to introduce the youth to the community in their own words and, in the process, nurture future leadership of the CMTA

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For any questions, please contact Jonah Berger, National Youth Programs Manager at


How do I get involved in the CMTA Youth Council? How can I help empower the youth? What can I do to make a difference? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you have come to the right place! We can’t wait to work with you and together empower the youth living with CMT. Learn more and find out how you can get involved.


CMTA Camp Footprint

The CMTA’s Camp Footprint is the only camp in the United States just for kids with CMT! It is an annual, FREE, six-day sleepaway camp for youth (ages 10-18) with CMT. Camp Footprint empowers youth with CMT with the courage, hope, skills and community for a lifelong journey of realizing potential and developing strengths.

An activity-driven week dedicated to exploration and creativity, Camp Footprint is all about building confidence and community! Camp is an unforgettable week of adventure and fun with friends, and our campers make lifelong friendships based on shared experiences and understanding.


CMTA Youth Fundraising

The CMTA Youth Movement is getting into the fundraising game! Watch the video from the committee members to learn more, and then download your fundraising kit. Together, we will help to raise the money needed to cure CMT!




Stay tuned as we will be annoucing our 2024 Dance4CMT date soon! The CMTA Dance4CMT is an annual event that unites the youth of the CMTA community to dance for a cure! The dance happens on Zoom and participants dance solo and together all over the world. This is a fun way to support the youth and raise money for the CMTA!



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Walk a Mile in My Braces

Walk a Mile in My Braces is an amazing book brought to you by the Youth of the CMTA. 75 youth who all experience Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT) share their joys, their struggles, and the wisdom they have learned by walking through life with challenge. Prepare to be inspired by all that these young authors share with regards to their scars, lessons learned, and gifts received by rising to their challenge.

Purchase your copy of Walk a Mile in My Braces

Purchase your digital copy of Walk a Mile in My Braces

A Guide to Surviving College for CMTers

A Guide to Surviving College for CMTers written by CMTer and former college student Yohan Bouchard. The search for a college is not simple and it’s not made any easier by having a physical disability. However, there are many resources to keep you on the right track. Yohan provides hope and advice in this guide to help you succeed in a college environment.

Download your copy of A Guide to Surviving College for CMTers