CMT is on TV! | Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association

CMT is on TV!


In the spring of last year, the CMTA launched a Public Service Announcement, or PSA, about CMT. Since then, we’ve been asking you to continue creating awareness about CMT by posting and sharing this video on social media and/or contacting your local broadcasting company to see how you can go about sending our TV or radio PSA their way.

Both the TV and radio spots were created with a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and played throughout the state. They created tons of excitement and awareness. Our hope is to have these spots played throughout the country, but we can’t do this alone—we need YOU! The links below will provide you with all the files you need to share or get these spots aired. However, if you need one of the spots in a different format, please email Jeana Sweeney at :: 30 Sec spot for TV :: 60 Sec spot for TV

CMTA_RADIO_30.aif :: 30 Sec spot for Radio

CMTA_RADIO_60.aif :: 60 Sec spot for Radio

Let’s take a bite out of CMT!