Orthotic Guide for CMT

Have you always wondered why people with CMT wear ankle foot orthoses (AFOs)? Have you thought you might benefit from them but weren’t sure where to start? Have you been unsatisfied with the options your orthotist has recommended for you?

Announcing Orthotic Management of CMT: Dynamic Solutions for Active Lifestyles, the first guide to orthotics for CMT. This guide, published in a partnership with the CMTA and Lower Extremity Review, is an educational resource for anyone curious about AFOs and their benefits to someone with classical symptoms of CMT – instability, general fatigue, foot contractures and drop foot. It can be used to teach people living with CMT about several different AFOs indicated for CMT. It can also be given to certified orthotists to help them understand the biomechanics of CMT and which AFOs are suggested by orthotists who are experts in the management of CMT.


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Allard AFOs

Allard Braces

The Allard ToeOFF Family is one of the AFOs often recommended for those with CMT. People who use these devices have reported increased endurance while walking, the ability to walk more upright, more ankle stability and less tripping over their toes. A common reaction is that the ToeOFF brought a little more “spring in my step!” Allard products are available through a patient’s certified orthotist.

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