Walking with Max: GoGo Stik Makes Scooping Dog Poop Easy and Safe

By Dennis Woodard

Dennis Woodard with Max and the GoGo StikThose of us who have CMT, particularly advanced CMT, might find it difficult to get enough exercise. Many of us have developed excuses for not exercising i.e., I’m too tired, I don’t feel well, I might fall, etc. I found a way to get both exercise and companionship, and his name is Max. You have to admit that Max is cute, and petting him, which he really enjoys, feels great on hands that don’t work very well. The nice thing about walking with Max is that he doesn’t complain and isn’t judgmental, at least until he spots another dog larger than he is or a squirrel, which he loves to chase.

There is one thing that can complicate a walk with Max and that is how to pick up his poops. In my community, you are required to pick up after your pooch and, after all, it is the thoughtful thing to do. Our community even provides pet poop bags. But to CMTers with balance issues, bending over to pick up a poop with Fido on a leash can be an accident waiting to happen.

I found a solution and it is called the GoGo Stik, The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper. You insert a plastic bag, any bag, into the device. You then reach out and scoop up the poop. You remove the bag, close it up and dispose of it into the nearest waste container. This can all be done while holding onto Fido’s leash. The GoGo Stik can be purchased on Amazon for about $25. Now we dog owners have one fewer excuse not to exercise. Your body will love you and Fido will too. So get out and walk.