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Give Children with CMT a Summer that Changes Their Lives!

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Payton Rule

“For one of the first times in my life, my concerns and physical struggles were the norm. I was not alone. I can embrace my ‘funky feet’ and all the other things that come with CMT. Whatever challenges I encounter, I know I will always have my CMT family behind me.”

—Payton Rule, 18, left, with fellow camper Gellie Hanson

By supporting our campers, you’re giving children with CMT the courage, hope, skills, and friendships that will set them on a path of realizing their potential and developing their strengths – inside and out – for life!

Your gift also advances CMT research to find new treatments and a cure. And, with your donation today, you’re providing expert care across the country to children, adults and families affected by CMT through CMTA programs and resources.

Why Camp Footprint?

The only camp in the United States just for kids with CMT, Camp Footprint is an activity-driven week of embracing adventure, overcoming fear, making friends and finding community.

Friendship, hope and confidence shouldn’t come with a cost. That’s why we want to keep Camp Footprint free of charge for all our campers. To do so, we depend upon your generosity!

Please join us in supporting your CMT family with a life-changing gift today.