Emotional Support Group

David Tannenbaum

The CMTA Emotional Support Group (ESG) is a place where you have the opportunity to discuss the emotional challenges of living with CMT. Many of us feel anxious, depressed or both from time to time. These are normal responses in coping with a chronic condition, and we can become overwhelmed with various states of fear. The ESG allows you to vent these feelings and share coping techniques with others who understand. The group is moderated by CMTA Advisory Board Member David Tannenbaum, a practicing psychotherapist in New York. David has CMT and also writes the “Ask David” column in The CMTA Report. Have a question? Send it to David at info@cmtausa.org.

We are a supportive community who are here for you. Remember: you are not alone!


Please note: The ESG was migrated to our new site in June 2019. If you were a registered member on our old site, your username and password should be the same on this site, but if the password you were using does not meet the criteria for a “strong” password, you may need to reset your password to a strong one to log in for the first time. (Generally, a “strong” password is at least 8-10 characters long and includes a combination of symbols, upper- and lower-case letters, and numbers.)

If you have difficulty logging in or registering, please email us at support@cmtausa.org.)