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The Foresee Gala: Unmasking the Cure for CMT4C
Minneapolis CMTA Branch
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The Minneapolis CMTA Branch is for those who have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and their loved ones. We welcome you to join this vibrant group of active and caring individuals in your area to share resources, ideas, CMT-related information, and personal experiences and to, ultimately, build life-long friendships and support. Meetings will focus on CMT education, awareness, research updates, fundraising initiatives, advocacy, and current events and will include guest speakers. We love newcomers and hope you will join us at our next meeting!

8800 Penn Ave S
Penn Lake Library
Angela Christensen

Angela Christensen
After many years of multiple surgeries, Angela was finally diagnosed with CMT 1A. Since then, Angela has been eager to learn about CMT and the CMTA community. She is an avid reader, lover of nature, and enjoys creating new healthy meals. She spends her professional career working remote in the finance area. Angela is extremely excited to learn, connect, and share with the CMT community. She thinks we can learn the most by sharing our individual experiences with one another. There is a lot for the CMT community to be hopeful about, the ongoing research, and clinical trials are pointing to a brighter future for us all.
(612) 695-3864
Lynn Anne Groebner

Lynn Anne
Lynn Anne was diagnosed with CMT 1A when she was 30 due to ankle weakness and after much testing, she discovered she had a spontaneous mutation. Her son, Adam, also has CMT 1A. She is married to David Ray, and has 2 sons, 2 beautiful daughters-in-law, three amazing grandchildren, and a grand dog. Lynn Ann went back to college at the University of St. Thomas in 2001 and completed my degree in Computer Science in 2008. She retired in August 2021 from a 50-year career working with computers for many great companies. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and looks forward to the branch co-leadership role to meet new people and learn about challenges and solutions related to CMT that we all face. In addition, Lynn Anne wants to facilitate, with the Minneapolis branch, increased awareness of CMT resources and support. She looks forward to supporting others in their journey with CMT.
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