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In addition to our regular features, you’ll find these articles and items of interest:

  • The CMTA Welcomes New CEO David M. Hall
  • Scooter Awarded: “A Life-Changing Gift”
  • A Fundraiser’s a Fundraiser…No Matter How Small
  • Can You Get Insurance If You Have a CMT Diagnosis?
  • Progress Report on the STAR Initiative
  • Aids for Daily Living Make Dealing with CMT Easier
  • NIH Meeting Assessing the Progress of STAR
  • The CMT Circle of Friends
  • Social Security to Be the First Government Agency to Use Nationwide Health Information Network
  • Memories of a Support Group Leader
  • CMT in The News: Drummer Performs with Cold Play
  • Parents: There Is Hope
  • When We Found Out
  • Study Particpants Needed