Johnstown, PA CMTA Branch

Welcome to our Branch

We invite all to join us!

Johnstown, PA CMTA Branch
We invite all to join us!

The Johnstown, PA CMTA Branch is for those who have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and their loved ones. We welcome you to join this vibrant group of active and caring individuals in your area to share resources, ideas, CMT-related information, and personal experiences and to, ultimately, build life-long friendships and support. Meetings will focus on CMT education, awareness, research updates, fundraising initiatives, advocacy, and current events and will include guest speakers. We love newcomers and hope you will join us at our next meeting!

1450 Scalp Ave Ste 2400
John P. Murtha Neuroscience and Pain Institute
J.D. Griffith

Branch Leader Picture
JD is a lively, old, 69-year-old dude, who co-leads in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. JD started the group in 2002 following the death of his daughter, Marah, on Christmas day, from respiratory arrest as a consequence of CMT. He enjoys dancing in the local ballet, bicycling, listening and dancing to live bar music, amusing conversations and neuroscience - not necessarily in that order. JD, a stockbroker, with an MS in biochemistry, is looking to start a new career in geriatric standup comedy! His proudest contribution to the cause of CMT is the serendipitous discovery of Jeana Sweeney at our first CMTA branch meeting. JD has CMT2, complicated by a variety of issues.
Jeana Sweeney

Branch Co-Leader Picture
Jeana was employed by the CMTA in January 2011. Even before she was hired, she was very much involved with the CMTA and its efforts. Jeana has two beautiful daughters, Hayley and Rylee. Not only does Jeana have CMT, but Rylee was also diagnosed with CMT1A very early on. Jeana manages  everything related to the CMTA’s branch leaders  and fundraising within the CMTA community. She is very aggressive when it comes to raising awareness and funds for the CMTA. She has done many things, including softball tournaments, the Archy cookbook, a fishing derby and her all-time favorite “Stepping it up for CMT” in schools.

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