AM 2019 - See CMT

This September, let’s help the world “See CMT!” Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease affects more than 2.8 million people around the globe, without regard to age, gender, or ethnicity. CMT is one of the most commonly inherited neurological disorders, yet so few have even heard of it before.

If you or a loved one has CMT, you know how extensive its impact can be on day-to-day life—socially, professionally, emotionally and physically. While people may see leg braces or notice an altered gait, many of the symptoms and challenges that come with having CMT are “invisible” from the outside.

It’s Awareness Month! Working together, we can make our disease known and understood, not only within our own communities, but also around the world! Below are five simple ways you can raise awareness and help bring about a world without CMT!

AM 2019 Challenges
  1. Add the official “CMT Awareness Month 2019” Facebook Frame to your profile picture!

  2. Share the “What is CMT?” Infographic! You can post this graphic over social media to educate your friends, fans, and followers. You can also email it to your contacts. You’re just a few clicks away from making a huge difference!

  3. Host or attend a Walk 4 CMT near you! There’s no better way to connect with the CMT community and create a lasting impact for everyone with CMT. Whether your event is big or small, you will have 100 percent support from the CMTA and tons of fun in the process!

  4. Show your colors by participating in the “Blue & Orange Selfie Challenge” on Instagram! This is a fun and crazy opportunity to deck yourself out in visible support of a world without CMT! Instructions will be announced Monday, September 16.

  5. Support cutting edge research and vital CMTA programs with a donation. There are so many ways to give. During September, we will also be announcing a matching challenge for funding STAR—stay tuned!
AM 2019 Perspectives