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5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
The Foresee Gala: Unmasking the Cure for CMT4C
09/06/2024 - 09/08/2024
All Day
CMTA Patient & Research Summit
Tampa Bay Area, FL CMTA Branch
We are a diverse group of folks from newly diagnosed to those dealing with CMT all their lives. We learn from each other and our frequent guest speakers about CMT and ways to cope with it. Over 300 folks with CMT have been identified in our area. When new folks join us it is always exciting! We look forward to hearing from you!

The Tampa Bay Area, FL CMTA Branch is for those who have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and their loved ones. We welcome you to join this vibrant group of active and caring individuals in your area to share resources, ideas, CMT-related information, and personal experiences and to, ultimately, build life-long friendships and support. Meetings will focus on CMT education, awareness, research updates, fundraising initiatives, advocacy, and current events and will include guest speakers. We love newcomers and hope you will join us at our next meeting!

9951 Balm Riverview Rd.
Riverview Public Library
Ed Linde

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Ed was born and raised on the Jersey Shore and moved to sunny Florida in 1972. He has been married to his lovely wife Vicki for 40 years and has one son, Bryan, age 38. Ed found out he had CMT at an early age because both his mother and uncle had already been diagnosed with it. His sister, niece and son also have it. Ed worked as a technical product manager for SGS, the world's largest independent inspection, testing, verification and certification company, for 40 plus years and is currenlty retired. Ed believes is Adaptation - a word he has become very familiar with:. "As I grow older and my CMT progresses, I have realized that if I want to continue the life I enjoy I must be able to adapt to my ever changing condition. Being in a wheelchair and depending on others, I could very easily be in a constant state of depression. However, I view each day as a new challenge. What do I want and how can I do it. I have found ways to adapt, whether it be on the dance floor, at the bowling alley, or riding my motorcycle. My attitude has been positive and my bucket list is getting shorter. CMT = Courage, Motivation & Tenacity. I believe you have to have the courage, motivation and tenacity to keep moving forward and not let the challenges in life, including those of CMT, stop you from your passion."
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