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The Special Research Edition of the Spring 2021 CMTA Report is available now and full of information for you. Inside, we bring you coverage of every aspect of CMTA-STAR from cross-type initiatives to our demyelinating and axonal research portfolios to clinical trial readiness—and so much more. This special report has everything about CMTA-STAR, all in one issue!

  • A Message from CEO Amy Gray
  • Building and Paying for a STAR
  • Cross-Type Initiatives
  • INC Explained
  • Marking 38 Years of Growth
  • STAR’s Portfolio for Demyelinating CMTs – 1A, 1B, 1X [and Some 4s]
  • A Look at 1A STAR Biotech Alliance Partners
  • Developing and Characterizing New Mouse Models of CMT1X
  • STAR 1A Timeline: CMTA Roadmap to Success
  • Pharnext Announces Phase 3 Clinical Trials for 1A
  • Clinical Trials – The Road to Drug Approval
  • The Challenge of Rare Diseases
  • Why We Give: We Believe in the CMTA
  • Filling the Pipeline: The CMTA-STAR Funding Process
  • STAR’s Portfolio for Axonal CMTs – Type 2 [and Some 4s]
  • The CMTA’s Type 2 Gene Discovery Initiatives
  • The CMT2A Gene Replacement Therapy Initiative
  • CMT2A Researchers on the Way to Being Trial Ready
  • Wondering How You Can Get Involved?