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The CMTA Report continues to provide you with help for today and hope for tomorrow. In this issue we bring you coverage of COVID-19 and CMT, the discovery of a new CMT type that may be treatable with a current diabetes drug and Part 3 of “Surgical Correction of the CMT Foot,” in which Dr. Pfeffer discusses the role of joint fusion.

  • A Message from CEO Amy Gray
  • University of Miami Researchers Find New CMT Type That May Be Treatable with Diabetes Drugs
  • A Diagnosis Worthy of a Tattoo
  • Showing the CMT Colors
  • Coping with COVID-19:
    • Dealing with the Mental Stress of the Pandemic and CMT at the Same Time
    • CMT Patients Turn to Telemedicine For Treatment During Pandemic
    • Six Centers of Excellence Surveyed
    • Connecting Our Community Online
    • Taking the Toronto Branch Online
    • Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation
  • Calling All Dreamers!
  • Keeping the Fun in Funathlon
  • Why We Give: Pru and Louis Ryan
  • Adaptive Training for All Ages
  • Surgical Correction of the CMT Foot, Part 3: The Role of Joint Fusion
  • The Courage to Wear Shorts
  • CMT: Let It Empower You