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In addition to our regular features, this issue of the CMTA magazine is packed with these articles and items of interest:

  • CMTA Launches Stand to End CMT
  • We Are All ‘Awkward Unicorns’
  • Ultimate Frisbee ‘Morrisfest’ Raises $2,200 for CMTA
  • Breathing and CMT
  • CMT Foundation Donates $50,000 for Breathing Study in Honor of Marah Griffith
  • CMTA Mounts First-Ever Camp for Kids with CMT
  • Summer Fun(d)raisers
  • Big Thanks to All Federal Employees!
  • How to Talk About CMT When People ask What It Is
  • Center of Excellence at University of Rochester Medical Center
  • CMT Awareness Month: We’ve Come a Long Way—Together!
  • 2016 STAR Awards
  • Study Finds a Key to Nerve Regeneration
  • New Members Join Boards
  • Replacing Brush with Brushes App, Irish Artist Adapts
  • CMTA RV Speeds Toward a Cure
  • The CMTA Partners with the MDA to Accelerate Search for Treatment
  • Branch Leader Spotlight: Virginia Canonguez-Mamone
  • CMTA App: Here’s the Squeeze