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In addition to our regular features, you’ll find these articles and items of interest:

  • Reports from Attendees at the CMT Consortium in Belgium
  • How to Organize a Fundraiser
  • Spreading Awareness: 2013 Awareness Month Proclamations
  • Pediatric Clinic Opens for CMT Children in Florida
  • The Seven Stages of Drug Development
  • Two ‘Stars’ Receive Awards
  • A Special Thanks to All Federal Employees
  • Parents: Do You Want to Do More? Donate to Research.
  • Physical Activity: A Physical Therapist’s Perspective
  • “Small Steps” Walk Held in Ontario, Canada
  • Celebrating My First Year with CMT
  • Take On a New Challenge! Help the STAR Pathways Campaign
  • Patient and Family Conference to Be Held in November
  • Wheelchair to Walking: Maybe I Really Am My Mother’s Daughter
  • SAG Facilitators Spotlight: Steve Fox, Ventura, California
  • Archy: Back to School