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In addition to our regular features, you’ll find these articles and items of interest:

  • Antwerp to Be Site of Third International CMT Consortium Meeting
  • 8 Hours in Detroit
  • CMTA Establishes Postdoctoral Fellowship at NIH Chemical Genomics Center
  • Board Issues $350,000 Challenge Again This Year
  • CMT Is No Laughing Matter—Or Is It?
  • Upcoming Patient-Family Conferences
  • Living with CMT—Aids for Daily Living: Product Suggestions from Our Readers
  • CMTA Announces New Cookbook: Alphabet Soup: The ABC’s of Comfort Food for Shattered Nerves
  • I Am Just a Mom!
  • From Devastation to Determination—The Erwin Family Circle of Friends
  • Raising Money for Research
  • A Donation for Yohan
  • Working with Families with CMT
  • Valentine’s Beef and Beer for CMT and the Stair Lift Fund for Alex Joyce
  • When You Have a Dorky Disease