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In addition to our regular features, you’ll find these articles and items of interest:

  • Board Member, Gary Gasper, Donates $100,000 Challenge Grant to CMT Research
  • Teaching Kids About CMT
  • Kids Page: I’m Different, I Accept It
  • Contribute to the CMTA Kids Page
  • Living with CMT: Hello? Is Anybody Out There?
  • Who Named It? And Why?
  • Danger in the Schools
  • Bullying and the Law
  • Excerpts from “Current Therapy for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease”
  • Researchers Work to Find a Cure for a Less Common Form of CMT
  • Does the FDA Need Reform?
  • How U.S. Drug Prices Compare
  • Government Funds Quality of Life Studies in Neuromuscular Diseases