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In addition to our regular features, you’ll find these articles and items of interest:

  • The CMTA Awards Three Postdoctoral Grants for 2002
  • So Much Progress, So Little Time…
  • A Guide to Selecting a Physician
  • Professionals Working for CMT Patients:  Dr.  Richard A. Lewis
  • Hereditary Neuralgic Amyotrophy (HNA):  Identification and Characterization of the Genetic Defect
  • Moore Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Preliminary Results:  Australian CMT Health Survey
  • Searching for Cause of CMT
  • Surgical Gene Therapy for Fetal Peripheral Nerves
  • 10 Tips to a Great Shoe Fit
  • Results of a Study on Reorganization of the Axon Membrane
  • More Funding for Rare Disease Office
  • CMT in the News
  • Supreme Court Narrows Disability Law