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STAR Drug Development Pipeline

CMTA-STAR Biotech & Alliance Partners

Since 2008, STAR has invested more than $17 million in CMT research. Currently, the STAR Drug Development Pipeline involves more than 30 research partners in more than 50 research studies.

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2021 Spring CMTA Report

The Spring 2021 CMTA Report

Inside: Every aspect of CMTA-STAR from cross-type initiatives to our demyelinating and axonal research portfolios to clinical trial readiness—and so much more.

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CMT1A Challenge Match

$500,000 CMT1A Challenge Match

Developing therapeutics for CMT1A requires major funding, so we are extremely grateful to Seth and Missy Warfield, who hope to raise $1 Million and will match all donations to their CMT1A Challenge up to $500,000.

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Accelerate Clinical Trials in Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (ACT-CMT)

To help us prepare for clinical trials, this study is to determine the best way to measure the progression of CMT Type 1A.

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COVID-19 and CMT

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and CMT

New! Update on COVID-19 vaccines and CMT, plus more information about the coronavirus, which may have more of an impact on people who are at higher risk of infection.

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CMTA Innervators

CMTA Innervators

CMTA INNERVATORS are action-oriented game-changers. They sustain the CMTA with monthly gifts throughout the year.

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What is CMT?

Living With CMT

CMT doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you want to do. We have ...

Living with CMT

Researching the Cure

Over $17 million invested in STAR research driving our vision of a world without CMT ..

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