CMTA Event Schedule Update

The CMTA has decided to postpone and/or reschedule all upcoming CMTA branch meetings, events and walks originally scheduled to occur in April and May.

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Coronavirus and CMT

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and CMT

The coronavirus may have more of an impact on people who are at higher risk of infection, so we are reaching out to share resources and ensure you are informed.

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CMTA Live Line

Contact Us

The CMTA is answering phone calls live Monday - Friday, from 5pm - 8pm EDT. Give our LIVE Line a call: 877-426-8327. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Research Updxates

Research Updates

New updates on research developments for both demyelinating forms of CMT (Types 1, X and 4) and axonal forms (Type 2).

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Winter 2020 CMTA Report

The 2020 Winter CMTA Report

Be the Change: From attitude to exercise to research, in 2020 our CMTA family is committed to be the change we want to see in the world of CMT.

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We Are Family

If you or a loved one has Type 2, help us as we work to force treatment breakthroughs. Donate today! Do it for our family, and your gift will be matched.

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What is CMT?

Living With CMT

CMT doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you want to do. We have ...

Living with CMT

Researching the Cure

Over $15 million invested in STAR research driving our vision of a world without CMT ...

Our Research

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Find a CMTA Branch Near You

With over 70 branches across the United States and two in Canada the CMTA helps connect patients to local resources.

Get Involved

Registration is open for the 2019 Walk 4 CMT! Join us as we walk to raise money for a cure.

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Walk 4 CMT

Do your part to advance possible treatments for CMT.

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Patients as Partners in Research

Make CMT and the CMTA your cause.

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The only camp in the US just for kids with CMT.

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