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150 campers and counselors from all over the world enjoying 120 hours of pure bliss!

Can you remember what it was like to be a kid with CMT? If you can’t remember it, can you imagine it? Start with the awkwardness and longing to belong of a typical childhood. Throw in a limp or a pair of leg braces, some sprained ankles and knees and maybe a foot surgery or two.

Think about the loneliness of never having met another single, solitary soul who shares your condition.

Now imagine the joy of being in nature with a big group of kids who share not only your trials and tribulations, but also your hopes and dreams and aspirations. Think about how it would feel to go from being the last one chosen for any outdoor game to being the first picked. Think about how it would feel to win a race on Field Day, rather than bringing up the rear every time.

Imagine the thrill of zip-lining, horseback riding or canoeing for the first time. That’s what happens at Camp Footprint, the only camp in the United States dedicated solely to kids with CMT.

Kids at Camp Footprint gain confidence by overcoming obstacles.

Children with CMT face physical limitations daily. For many, walking is difficult and running impossible. Even something as mundane as picking a coin up off a table can be challenging. Camp Footprint gives campers the rare opportunity to master their environment, to participate in activities planned just for them and to celebrate their abilities.

Kids with CMT deserve the magical Camp Footprint experience.

Children at Camp Footprint enjoy all the benefits that campers without physical challenges do: increased independence and self-confidence; the chance to take part in fun activities and the chance to interact with other campers and build lasting friendships. In addition, Camp Footprint campers benefit from the positive role models offered by adult camp and staffers who all have CMT, the chance to be independent of their parents and doctors for a while, increased physical activity and increased time outdoors.

A world beyond limitations is just waiting to be discovered.

Numerous studies demonstrate the community building aspect of disability-specific residential camps, which give campers a sense of belonging and social acceptance and let them avoid the “stigma contagion” that can occur in inclusive camp settings. The CMTA’s own experience bears this out: In a survey taken after the 2017 camping season, 49 of 53 campers said the week changed their lives, leaving them “much more confident” of their ability to live with CMT.

Because the CMTA believes so strongly in the value of Camp Footprint, families pay nothing to send their kids with CMT there. In cases of demonstrated financial need, we are sometimes able to award travel scholarships. We hope you’ll join us in giving the younger members of the CMT community the camp experience.

It’s an investment in their future—and ours. Invest in a child. Give generously!

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Friendship, hope and confidence shouldn’t come with a cost. That’s why we want to keep Camp Footprint free of charge for all our campers. To do so, we depend upon your generosity! Please join us in supporting your CMT family with a life-changing gift today.

Your gift also advances CMT research to find new treatments and a cure. And, with your donation today, you’re providing expert care across the country to children, adults and families affected by CMT through CMTA programs and resources.