CMTA Patient Support Fund

Purpose of the Fund

This Fund is to support CMT patients being evaluated by a Foot and Ankle surgeon and for CMT surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. The Fund will also provide financial support to travel for second opinions to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CS). Cedars- Sinai is a CMTA Center of Excellence with an excellent surgical team.

Patient Responsibility

This Fund is intended to augment money provided by the patient or patient’s family. Patients are expected to make every effort to finance themselves. However, some assistance is available if they fall short. The Fund can provide a maximum of $5,000 in financial support per patient over the course of that person’s care. The fund will pay for up to two persons to travel to CS for a consultation or surgery.

How it Works

The patient must complete all necessary paperwork and submit to Jeana Sweeney at or CMTA, Patient Support Fund, PO Box 105, Glenolden, PA, 19036 along with a Patient Verification letter from Dr. Glenn Pfeffer. The CMTA will make a determination within 14 days.

Download the CMTA Patient Support Fund Application