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The CMTA Leads the Way in Research

For the past decade, the CMTA has led the way in research worldwide with its Strategy To Accelerate Research (STAR). Our mission is to support the development of new drugs to treat CMT, to improve the quality of life for people with CMT, and, ultimately, to find a cure. We thank our community members who have been with us every step of the way! To learn more about STAR, please visit

Support Our Campers

Support Our CMT Campers with a Life-changing Gift Today!

The CMTA’s Camp Footprint is the only summer camp in the U.S. just for kids with CMT, and it is changing lives. It is creating hope, friendship, self-confidence and joy. August is right around the corner and we have more campers registered than ever before! We urgently need your support to keep Camp Footprint free of cost. Your donation today will also support groundbreaking research to find new treatments and a cure as well as CMTA programs and resources that improve care across the nation and touch the lives of adults, children and families affected by CMT. Donate Now!

Patients as Partners

Patients as Partners in Research Focus Group

The CMTA is pleased to announce the launch of our Patients as Partners in Research initiative! The goal of Patients as Partners in Research is to advance the work of our Strategy to Accelerate Research (STAR) and showcase ways the patient community can participate in the critical work of furthering the development of treatments, and ultimately a cure, for CMT.

One of the first projects belonging to our new research initiative is the establishment of a Patients as Partners in Research Focus Group. In partnership with the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biopharmaceutical company Acceleron Pharma, the CMTA will bring together patients to participate in a focus group following the upcoming CMTA Patient/Family Conference in New Jersey on June 16. Sign up now …

The Winter 2018 CMTA Report

The Winter 2018 CMTA Report

In this issue: OT/PT Conference, Pilates, Balance Walking, Foot Surgery, Scootering and more …

Read it now …

Camp Footptrint 2018

Register Now for CMTA Camp Footprint 2018!

We are excited to announce that registration is now OPEN for Camp Footprint 2018, the only summer camp in the United States just for kids ages 10-18 with CMT! (If you are 19 or older and would like to make an impact on the lives of children living with CMT, we encourage you to apply to be a volunteer!) Learn more and register now …


CMT1A Research Breakthrough!

Scientists at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association, have identified a promising early-stage therapeutic approach with antisense technology for CMT Type 1A (CMT1A), the most common form of the disease, accounting for half of all cases. Read more …

Breakthroughs to a Cure

Breakthroughs to a Cure

Studies in two laboratory models of CMT1A not only stopped progression of the disease, but also showed improvement of some symptoms. To deliver the first treatments for CMT1A and other types of CMT, we need funding for clinical trials and further drug development.

What is CMT?

Charcot-Marie-Tooth, or CMT, is the most commonly inherited peripheral neuropathy and affects an estimated 2.8 million people.

Find Your Local Branch

The CMTA has over 80 Branches across North America to support people with CMT, raise awareness, and fund research. Connect with your nearest Branch today!

Fundraise for Our Future

Without fundraising and community volunteers, the CMTA would not be the leading force in CMT Research that it is today. Are you ready to make an impact?

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The CMTA’s STAR (Strategy to Accelerate Research)

STAR Research
The CMTA’s vision is a world where patients with CMT neuropathies have therapies available to them to manage or modify their disease. That vision is poised to become reality as STAR pushes the research forward at an ever-increasing speed.

STAR – Disease Project Team Updates

The CMTA’s research is done in teams consisting of academic labs and clinical centers sponsored by the CMTA (STAR members), working together and with alliance partners in consortium team efforts. STAR Teams are sponsored by the CMTA via a rapid process of expert review, following invitation of proposals for targeted translational efforts. All sponsorship aims to directly aid the advancement of CMT therapies.
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