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I cant walk anymore

I am 32 years old. Musician !

At the age of 28 I released my first album and my agency put me on the road to travelled the world ... from one concert to another.

I was the happiest girl alive !

At the ages of 30 I met him and I fall in love. Never felt that way before...

I was the luckiest girl alive !

At the age of 31 I start to have trouble walking , keeping my balance and incredible pain on my legs. Even my boyfriend start to make jokes about me falling middle of the street with flat shoes on ! " Ohh here we go she is on the floor again "

One of those nights after one of those countless falls I`ve decided to see a doctor and soon after they told me I have CMT.

Sleepless nights , teary eyes and depressed.

After my first google search about cmt I Felt like my whole life changed over night.

My amazing boyfriend wants to marry me and have kids... He has amazing dreams about me but I still havent told him about the reason why I fall a lot, why I have so much pain why I cant have a kid.

I used to walk around with 5 inch heels all day long, now I dont know how to explain why my closeth full of tennis shoes.

I cant think positive , I cant stay strong and I am lost in this diseases ...