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Only 23 and diagnosed with CMT

Today (May 1 2012) I went for my EMG and if that wasn't scary enough, I was told I had CMT. Which I was already assuming I had because of some weird going ons that matched with CMT, plus my mother has it. I don't understand but when I wasn't sure if I had it or not I was fine, but now knowing I have it, I just don't know what to think. I want to cry, partially because my mother and I don't really get along, and my siblings have the attitude of "it can't be fixed so why bother" so I feel alone. Also, I am afraid it will affect my future jobs, right now I have noticed it to affect my hands more then my feet, so who wants to hire someone who can't always do things quickly? Currently working at a post office, I find it hard, when I need to be fast, I am not. When I need to lift a stamp, it feels really heavy, or my hand doesn't close. It is almost like me trying to move someone else's body. It is very frightening and I guess what I need is support, or others who sort of know what I am going through since I know CMT is different for everyone, (I have only been researching this since my mom was diagnosed) but it is hard to know if anyone was as young as me and how you managed... or anything...