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My father was diagnosed with CMT while in his 30's, so as a child, growing up I was all too familiar with this disease. He always had trouble with his hands and feet and his balance was never good. In my late 30's, I began to see some of the same signs I had experienced with my father's disease. I finally saw a neurologist in January, did the genetic testing and was diagnosed with CMT 1A. Just recently my 24yr old daughter was also diagnosed with the same. My symptoms are much more severe in the winter months. My feet stay cold and numb and it's hard to get my hands to function properly. My father never let CMT keep him from doing most things and we grew up compensating for what he could not do. I feel I know what to expect as my disease progresses. I have other family members on my father's side, who also have CMT, some much more severe than ours. I feel fortunate that both my daughter and I can live life as usual for now. But who knows what the future will hold! Just trying to keep a positive attitude in the meantime. My heart goes out to anyone and everyone with this disease.