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With Stories by People with CMT, Blog Creates Awareness

facesofcmt paulPaul, who was diagnosed with CMT when he was only 3 years old but has has never let it get in the way of him living his life and doing what he wants, tells his story on a new blog, "The Faces of CMT" at, to help create awareness about CMT.

Katie, a photographer and writer living in Buffalo, NY, who is the creator of "Faces," describes the project:

"It started out as just an idea. A thought that people with CMT needed to connect with each other. That families needed to connect with other families. That telling the personal stories of people with CMT would be the best way to create awareness. And The Faces of CMT was born.

"With backing from the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association (CMTA), we will be interviewing people from all over the country who are living with CMT. We will be telling their stories and their families' stories, through pictures and their own words. Each month, a new person or family will be featured with a blog post each week, talking about their lives.

"If you are interested in becoming featured and telling your story, please contact us."

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