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Braces with energy return - Details please

Hi - I am looking to find people who are using energy return braces such as the Helios from Ortho Rehab in Las Vegas, Phat braces and braces from Dynamic Bracing Solutions. These all sound so good but would like to know more details before making a decision. So, let's help each other by posting your results, good and bad. The more details the better...... If these braces help I can't help but wonder why the docs at the MDA clinics don't recommend, this would also get the insurance companies on the ball for paying the costs. Also, wouldn't it be good for the CMTA to do an article comparing these different braces? It would sure save all of us a lot of time and energy trying to understand the differences in order to make a decision on bracing. Wonder how to go about doing that?Thanks for everyones help.