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I was cured of CMT

It's true, and I have the test results to prove it.
I was diagnosed with adult onset CMT in the late 90’s. This was done through nerve conduction studies, not DNA testing. Some will dismiss outright that I didn’t have CMT to begin with, but two neurologists thought so. I lived with the diagnosis and was told that CMT is incurable and that it would only get worse and someday likely be in leg braces or a wheelchair. Other than taking Neurontin for the pain, Western medicine had nothing to offer. I suffered for several more years with things getting slightly worse each year and needing more Neurontin to help. I got frustrated and decided to look into alternate therapies. It’s a long story of the things I tried, but to shorten this, I began treatments with a gentleman that thought he could help me. After the first session, I sat up from his table and noticed that my feet felt warm – a first for a long time. That was the last day I took a Neurontin! My symptoms were better for about a week or so. I started getting regular treatments and within a year, I was completely symptom free. I continued with treatments every couple of months for another year when I received a card from my neurologist that it was time for my case review. I called and asked to have my conduction studies repeated. The doctor was shocked to see that my results were completely normal. He told me I didn’t need to see him again and said goodbye.
That was about five years ago. Since then I have remained relatively symptom free. I say relatively, because I do have some slight pain from what feels like foot cramps. I don’t know that these would even be related to the CMT. But my “zingers” as I called them, the shooting pains coming up from my feet and the numbness are gone.
I have become an apprentice in this holistic therapy that rapidly provides you the benefits of doing many months of Tai Chi. We call our system Tai Chi on the Table. You wear loose clothing while lying face-up on a massage table. Your limbs are rotated and held in positions that represent what you would be doing if practicing Tai Chi. It helped me. I’d like to see if it could help you.
I live in Stafford, Va. and work with this system on family and friends. If you are interested in seeing if this helps you, please contact me. My teacher, the founder of this system, lives in Blacksburg, Va. and can be reached through me as well.
I’ve posted my story in the past and even sent it to a leading CMT researcher in Detroit, without so much as a reply. That puzzles me for someone having an “incurable” disease. I was helped, and learned the system to help others. Maybe together we can get this out to the world. – Robert H.