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Walk 4 CMT

Walk 4 CMT

Join the Movement: Walk 4 CMT!

Walk 4 CMT is a volunteer-led national fundraising campaign for the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association.  By participating in this year-round campaign, you will be joining hundreds of people across the country who want to improve the lives of those living with CMT. Funds raised by the Walk 4 CMT campaign fuel the CMTA’s efforts to find treatments for CMT and ultimately a cure.

Find a Walk 4 CMT Near You

Get together with friends, colleagues, branch members and leaders to raise critical funds for the CMTA’s drug discovery program – STAR. Help us end CMT!

Want to start a Walk 4 CMT in your neighborhood?

The CMTA is seeking dedicated individuals to host and participate in Walks 4 CMT across the country. Holding a Walk 4 CMT is a great way to bring your community together, make new friends and create a lasting impact for everyone with CMT. Whether your event is big or small, you will have 100 percent support from the CMTA and tons of fun in the process!

Are you ready to get involved? If so, contact CMTA National Events Manager Andi Cosby at andi@cmtausa.org about holding a Walk 4 CMT in your neighborhood. Take on the challenge and make a lasting difference in the lives of many. We can’t do it without you!


For helpful information on how to start a Walk 4 CMT event, please visit the Walk4CMT Toolbox.