Personal Fundraising

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or graduation, turn your next special occasion into a party with a purpose by starting your own CMTA Fundraising Page. The funds you raise through your CMTA campaign will fund patient programs and treatment research initiatives to better the lives of the 2.8 million people living with CMT.

It’s easy to get started, and we’ll give you all the support and tools you’ll need to make your fundraiser a success.

Get Your Personal Fundraising Page

Fundraising Ideas


Make your birthday special: Instead of asking for presents, ask family and friends to donate your age in dollars to your personal fundraising page!

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Instead of, or in addition to, having a wedding registry, ask your guests to make a donation to your CMTA page. Include a link on your wedding invitations or website.

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Special Anniversary

Special anniversary? Ask your loved ones to celebrate your commitment to each other—and your commitment to ending CMT—by donating to your CMTA page.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Choose to support a child going to camp for your bar/bat mitzvah project by creating a CMTA page and ask your family and friends to support you.

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Special Achievement or Graduation

Celebrate your special achievement or graduation by celebrating CMT research—via your very own personal fundraising page.

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