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Acceleron Pharma Announces Phase 2 Clinical Trial

Phase 2 Trial RecruitingAcceleron Pharma is initiating a Phase 2 clinical trial for CMT patients with types 1 and X. This clinical trial is currently recruiting participants in the United States. For more information about the trial and participating, CLICK HERE.

This trial will test the effectiveness of a drug called ACE-083, which is designed to promote muscle growth in patients with neuromuscular diseases. Matthew Sherman, MD, executive vice president and chief medical officer at Acceleron, says that the company believes this drug can “strengthen the targeted leg muscles in CMT patients and thereby improve their ability to walk and avoid falls.”

ACE-083 has already been shown to be effective at increasing muscle in healthy volunteers and in a CMT mouse model. Noting that Acceleron Pharma is a CMTA partner, CEO Amy Gray said, “We are encouraged by this research and look forward to our continuing collaboration on behalf of CMT patients everywhere.”

Strategic partnerships and worldwide collaboration are important pillars of our Strategy To Accelerate Research (STAR). To learn more about STAR, please CLICK HERE.