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Community Powered: Awareness Month

We're Community Powered!


One Story Can Make a Difference.
2.8 Million Can Shape the Future.

This September, we ask you to join the CMTA in celebrating International CMT Awareness Month 2018! CMT Awareness Month is our month, our chance to promote CMT awareness, understanding and education.

We are 2.8 million strong and unique individuals living with CMT all over the world, each with our own story to tell.

Personal stories are powerful. Within the story of every person is the power to shift perspective, build bridges, inspire understanding and fuel action. When you tell your story, you make a difference.

A single story can have a lasting impact. Together, our 2.8 million stories can shape the future. Change is community powered! Every time we talk about CMT, our community grows stronger.

How will you share your CMT story?

  • Upload the Twibbon and write a “#myCMTstory” Facebook post and Tweet to spread awareness in your network.
  • Let’s grow our CMTA family! Like and Follow us on social media. Have any friends or family who have CMT but aren’t connected with the CMTA on social? Invite them to like & follow us.
  • Tell us your story! How, when, and why do you share about your CMT with others? Send us your story at for a a chance to be featured on the Walk 4 CMT page or CMTA Facebook page!
  • Click here to view the 2018 CMT Awareness Month poster. Share it with your family, friends, and community!
  • Community empowers and creates opportunities for us to share our stories with the world. Get in touch with your local CMTA Branch and visit the CMTA’s Events Calendar to find out how you can get involved.
  • Participate in a Walk 4 CMT! When you participate in a Walk 4 CMT, you’re making a difference in the lives of people with CMT and their families, as well as raising CMT awareness across the nation.
  • Become a volunteer and help advance the work of the CMTA. Whether you’d like to help by leading a branch, placing ads in your local paper, or serving as a social media advocate, your unique skills and interests are needed to build our community.
Walk 4 CMT Team
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AM2017 - What Is CMT?
Crystal's Wedding
  • Make a difference with your CMT story. Create a personal fundraising page. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or graduation, the funds you raise through your CMTA campaign will better the lives of the 2.8 million people living with CMT.
  • Donate in honor of someone special to you whose story has made a lasting impact.
  • Hold a Walk 4 CMT in your local area. It’s a great way to bring your community together, make new friends and create a lasting impact for everyone with CMT. Whether your event is big or small, you will have 100 percent support from the CMTA and tons of fun in the process!
Fundraiser Page

2018 CMT Awareness Month Posters

For more information on CMT Awareness Month, contact Laurel Richardson at