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The CMTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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Your donations have been driving and funding the CMTA’s research program – and that research has delivered results. Please help bring us one step closer to adding CMT to the list of diseases that have now been largely or completely eradicated by making a donation now.

All donations will support the CMTA’s major initiatives, including research for all types underway in the STAR program.

However, to have your donation designated for CMT1A, please click here.

Why Give to the CMTA
EXPERTISE: The CMTA has recruited the best and brightest CMT researchers in the field to work on the STAR Advisory Board. These researchers help set the agenda and strategies to develop treatments for CMT.

EFFICIENCY: The CMTA is a gold star rated charity of Guidestar, an agency that monitors non-profits. Approximately 80 cents of every dollar of the Association’s revenue goes to vital research, community education and support programs.

RESULTS: Thanks to you, the CMTA is the leader in research, education and support programs, delivering results and providing more resources for people living with CMT today.