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CMT … the basics:

What is CMT?
  • CMT is a genetic nerve disease that causes people to lose normal use of their feet, legs, hands and arms.
  • People with CMT often need leg braces to walk and many need wheelchairs later in life.
  • Sometimes CMT can be fatal.
  • CMT affects 2.8 million people worldwide.
  • CMT knows no age, race, class, or gender.
  • There is no treatment for CMT.

When you stand to end CMT by making a donation and spreading the word, you are putting us closer to clinical trials for treatment of CMT.

Stand and Donate


And did you know?

  • CMT affects 1 in 2500. It’s more prevalent than cystic fibrosis or ALS – but not enough people know about it.
  • There are no known treatments that will stop or slow down the progression of CMT, but the CMT Association is funding research to find these treatments.
  • A cure for CMT means even more hope curing other progressive, degenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and other illnesses.
  • With the help of individuals and corporations that care, the CMT Association is very close to funding a treatment for the most common type of CMT.