Interim CEO Predicts Banner Year in Fight Against CMT

A Message from CMTA Board Chairman

and Interim CEO Gilles Bouchard


Dear CMTA Friends:

Gilles Bouchard As interim CEO of the CMTA, I start this New Year with a profound sense of hope and excitement. The CMTA continues to make great progress on all fronts, and across the majority of CMT types.

Now that the goal line is in sight, though, we must double down and accelerate our efforts. In this context, I am excited to share a few announcements about developments that will strengthen our organization as we go forward:

Clinical Expert Board: Since the inception of the STAR program, we have moved from basic scientific research to partnering with top pharmaceutical companies on a promising pipeline of potential drug candidates. As we continue to fill and extend this pipeline to more types of CMT, we are also preparing for clinical trials, always the riskiest and most expensive phase of drug development. To assist in that effort, we have just created a Clinical Expert Board, with top clinicians from around the world, whose role is to provide guidance and support to the CMTA’s alliance partners, helping to assure the success of clinical trial. See all our scientific and clinical advisors: CMTA STAR Advisory Board.

New Board Members and Advisors: I am delighted to announce that Bruce Chizen, one of the most recognized and respected business leaders in the tech industry, has agreed to help us as an advisor. Additionally, Tom Dubensky just joined our Board of Directors, bringing with him over 25 years of experience in biotechnology and a vast experience in advancing novel drugs to clinical trials. Please join me in welcoming Bruce and Tom to the CMTA family; you can see their bios on our board page: CMTA Board of Directors.

New CEO Search: The Board has formed a search committee, retained the help of one of the most respected firms in the field (Kittleman and Associates), and just published the position at CMTA CEO Position. If you are interested in learning more about the position or would like to recommend a professional for this opportunity, please contact Alicia Yamada, senior associate at Kittleman (

Because the CMTA prides itself on providing help for today as its research provides hope for tomorrow, we also have a full slate of activities and events planned for members in 2017. Details are still being worked out for most, but you can add to your calendar the second annual Camp Footprint on August 14 to 18 and a Patient/Family Conference in Miami on March 18.

As you can see, we are off to a busy start for this year. I want to thank every one of you for your wonderful support, and promise you that everybody at the CMTA will be working very hard to make 2017 another banner year in our fight against CMT!