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Both of my children have cmt

I have two young children that have cmt.My little girl is 8 and my son is 5.They always walked on there toes (nuckle of the toes),well we knew it was a chance of them having cmt because my husband also has it,so we had them tested.They got put in leg braces,the braces then got to small and we could not afford gas to take them to there doctor at the time so they went with out nothing.That was the worse thing a parent could feel not being able to help there child,they had the leg cramping and falling down hurting them self's,now a year later they are in cast they will be in them for 3 more weeks,after that they will be wearing leg braces. I asked there doctor how long they would be in the braces, I was told (for life) she also talked to me about my little girls hips are weak saying that with people with cmt in the legs always have a chance being in a wheelchair......So that led to me getting on line to do more research witch then led me here.So if you have a child try to make sure they see there doctor when they are told.