Knew But Didn’t Know

I was born with normal feet until age 2 when my folks notice my foot dropped and then when I was 5 till about age 13 my parents took me to N.I.H in Bethesda MD. to be seen as my father was the first in his family history to have it. Me being the 4th and last child I was the only one to have it. (Thank God) There they did tests that to this day is burned in my memory. The closest I could relate these tests were like I was a character in Ryan Murphy’s “American horror Story. The tests were primitive and as a child of 5 to have nerve conduction tests alone in a room, stripped to my underwear on a mettle table being shocked every 7 seconds completely alone in a room with one other person with whom I didn’t know is something I will never forget. My last memory was hearing a doctor telling my mother that I would never play sports which told me “No I wasn’t going to be told what I could not do and became really good at tennis. I didn’t see any symptoms till I was forty when things began to take place and now today as I turned 60, I can walk but with difficulty and pain from tightening my back muscles to walk and not fall down which I often do. So I will continue to walk until I can’t and hope for the best.

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